Caring for Flower Bouquets

So.... you have just received a beautiful seasonal bouquet from our boutique floral studio Flowers at the Door.  You will notice we have attached a flower ingredients card detailing the selected flowers in the bouquet.  It's an added touch that helps you to identify and put a name to the flowers especially when you see a flower you love you learn it's name.  Takes a little bit of time but hey it's all in the detail which makes our bouquets so special to receive - that's what we keep hearing!

What to do with this beautiful bouquet:

Get a vase and add the flower food sachet to the vase and fill half way with cold water.

Unwrap the flowers (leave the string on) and recut the stems of the flowers  Place the bouquet into the vase making sure you are happy with the height otherwise cut some more off the length.  You can then decide if you want to remove the string now or in a day or two to allow the blooms some space to open to perfection.

On Day 2-3 is a really nice time to add more water to above the half way making sure you are covering the dirty or blurry water ring mark (is disguised if water is over it).  Day 4-5 is an ideal time to change the water and clean out the vase.  Then refill with fresh cold water.  Recut the stems.   If any of the flowers are looking spent please remove their heads or stems, leaves can start changing colour as they dry off again just remove anything that's not looking fresh and crisp.

The more you care for your flowers the longer they will last.  When they are getting smaller and less in the vase it's a great time to move them into a smaller vase.  Till you get left with just one flower in a cute little vase and then it's in it's final resting place by a sink in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen.

Enjoy x x